QR Codes for Pingdroid

Posted on the November 26th, 2010 under Uncategorized by

By popular demand, i’ve added QR code links for Pingdroid in the Android Market along with non-market links to the APKs on Pingdroid.com.

Pingdroid in Android Market

Pingdroid (pingdroid.com)

Pingdroid (Debug Version)

Pingdroid (Cyanogen Build)

Pingdroid 3.0 Just Released

Posted on the August 28th, 2010 under Release by

The long overdue update to Pingdroid has just been released to the Android Market. It should be available for download sometime over the next few hours. We will be releasing quite a few new enhancements to Pingdroid in upcoming days so please forgive the updates but if you happen to have any feedback or suggestions, now is the time to send them our way.

PingDroid 2.3.7 Minor Update Released

Posted on the February 22nd, 2009 under Release by

This release fixes a bug with user services and triggers updating from Ping.fm. Thanks @nikolay for your help with this issue.

PingDroid 2.3 Released

Posted on the February 12th, 2009 under Release by

This is a significant release of PingDroid including an interface overhaul, yet more stability improvements and new options and usability features. Users will definitely like the ability to retry posts that failed due to limited connectivity. Less visible, this release includes a rich API that will allow other Android apps to easily post content to all of their social sites effortlessly. Developer documentation will be posted to this site in the very near future.

PingDroid: ping.fm client for Android

Posted on the January 25th, 2009 under Release by

PingDroid gets covered by “3GWeek – Asia’s Mobile News”.

PingDroid 2.2.4 Released

Posted on the January 24th, 2009 under Release by

This is a minor release of PingDroid that address several issues with the camera. PingDroid now can take full advantage of the camera resolution on your Android phone.

Website Updated

Posted on the January 11th, 2009 under Release by

The PingDroid website was created late one night in December just to have something in place. I was finally able to give the site a much needed overhaul and in the process moved it to Google Appengine. This will allow us to support some planned features including integration with a new web-based Ping.fm project we are working on called “Ping Me When!” which will allow you to schedule posts to Ping.fm either from the web or from PingDroid.

PingDroid 2.2 Released

Posted on the January 1st, 2009 under Release by

The 2.x version of PingDroid was released and is pretty much a complete rewrite. As i’ve come up to speed with the Google Android SDK, I realized there were cleaner ways to do some of the things that PingDroid needs to do. This release has a complete restructuring of the internals of PingDroid and some new features including a new post screen with explicit support for the different ping types, support for custom triggers, location support and an overall improvement in stability. Have fun!