1. If you don’t already have one, sign up for Ping.FM
PingDroid is a client for the excellent Ping.FM social network posting service.

2. Locate Pingdroid in Android Market

Go to your applications screen on your Android mobile phone and tap the Market app. Select the search option on the home screen and enter “pingdroid” and start a search. You could also go to “Applications->Social” and search for PingDroid that way if you prefer. Or you can try this link if you are viewing the site from an android device Pingdroid in Android Market.

3. Select PingDroid and Tap the Install button
Installing Pingdroid is easy requiring only that you press the “Install” button and accept the required permissions on the following screen. PingDroid requires the following permissions:

  • Internet – for sending pings to Ping.FM
  • Location – for adding location information to pings
  • Camera – for attaching pictures to pings

4. Configure PingDroid
When you first run PingDroid, you will be taken to the settings screen which will prompt you for a mobile key that you can get from your Ping.FM account at Click the “Generate Key” link next to the “Mobile Key:” option and enter this short (4 characters) key into PingDroid’s settings screen. After entering this key and pressing the “Save” button, PingDroid will connect to Ping.FM and retrieve your services and triggers for use when posting from your Android phone.

5. Ping Away!
Have fun updating your social networks from your android phone!